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Ghana - Ghana is the first low-income country to receive free COVID-19 vaccines. The delivery of 600,000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccines has arrived in Ghana eight months after the launch of the initiative to immunize the world’s poorest people, per the World Health Organization. The WHO will aim to deliver 1.8 billion vaccines to poorer countries at no cost to the governments. Ghana frontline health workers and residents who are high risk will be prioritized to receive the vaccine. (Sky News)


Canada - The Government of Canada has launched an international space program to track illegal fishing. Illegal fishing represents between $10 to $23 billion worth of fish caught annually. Illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing has been a significant contributor to the decline of marine habitat destruction. The Dark Vessel Detection program is a part of the $11.6 million funding for Canada’s commitment to ocean health. (Tech Bomb)


USA/Syria - The United States carried out an airstrike in Syria ordered by President Biden after rocket attacks. The strike comes after three separate rocket attacks against the United States forces in Iraq, killing one civilian contractor and wounded six others. The airstrikes took place just over the border in Syria to avoid diplomatic issues with the Iraqi government. American officials said the attack killed a “handful” of militias, but no further details were provided. (NYT)


North Korea - North Korea attempted to hack Pfizer to sell bootleg COVID-19 vaccines on the international black market. It also tried to hack the German partner BioNTech to try and gather scientific data to manufacture bootleg versions of a COVID-19 vaccine to sell. Despite North Korea’s claim that it has never had a case of COVID-19, Russia and China have already promised millions of doses to them for free. North Korea has a history of counterfeiting, bootlegging, drug dealing, and arms smuggling through embassies worldwide. (Business Insider)


India - Over a dozen slum residents in Bhopal, India, believed they were being vaccinated, only to find out they were testing subjects of the COVID-19 clinical trials. In December, a white van arrived and announced that residents could take the coronavirus vaccine and get 750 rupees or USD 10. Local activists informed them later that they had unknowingly taken part in a clinical trial for India’s vaccine, Covaxin. The incident can violate India’s clinical trial rules that require informed consent from all participants, which can overturn the quality of data in their trials. (CNN)


Armenia - The Armenian prime minister accused the military of an attempted coup. Top military officers signed a letter demanding his resignation after Armenia’s defeat in the war last year, and the tension has increased drastically. Many armed forces general staff have blamed Nikol Pashinyan for bringing Armenia to “the brink of collapse.” Pashinyan rallied his supporters in Yerevan’s Republic Square, the site of the revolution that brought him to power three years ago, and urged the army not to get involved in the political process. Discontent continues to grow after Armenia’s defeat in the six-week war of Azerbaijan. (Guardian)


Russia - Russia reported the first human cases of H5N8 bird flu, originating from seven people at a poultry farm in southern Russia. This will mark the first time the pathogenic virus has been found in humans. Numerous outbreaks have been reported during the past six months in birds of France, Germany, Italy, the UK, and China. Since the virus can now be transmitted from birds to humans, it has overcome the interspecies barrier. The variant is not being transmitted from person to person, but future mutations may occur. It is pathogenic and is currently manifesting itself from asymptomatic to highly lethal in some populations. (BNO News)


Israel/Palestine - Israel has been destroying Irish aid to a Palestinian village. Israeli forces have repeatedly razed the village of Khirbet Humsah in a struggle over territory, and over the last three months, nearly all aid has been destroyed or seized. More than half the population are children. In addition, Israel has destroyed shelters funded by the European Union and Ireland to rebuild the community. They have designated this area as a military firing range and deemed the village illegal. The initial destruction occurred on November 3rd and has been ongoing. (Irish Times)


Colombia (by Oscar Ivan Barrera) - The government of Colombia will grant temporary protected status to almost one million Venezuelans. This statute will protect and normalize the undocumented migrant who is currently residing in the territory; where they will have access to health care, education, jobs, and even to apply for a resident visa, for ten years after the entry of the program, if they wish to remain in the country. This move is praised and cataloged as an act of generosity for many UN chiefs; it is considered as a life-changing gesture with the migrants and an example to the region and the world. (NPR)


The Leadership and Mentorship Forum of IYOPS presented an Instagram Live session on the topic, "Disability Isn't the End of Life."


The speaker was Asif Ali, who is a disability life coach and a motivational speaker.​ The talk was hosted by Prathiksha Veera Anumantha Sekar, Program Director of the International Youth Organization for Peace and Sustainability.


Mr. Ali discussed with us his personal journey of having a physical disability, its effect on the way he lived, and how he overcame it through self-reflection and perspective.


To view the recording, click here - "Disability Isn't the End of Life"


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