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The International Youth Organization for Peace and Sustainability (IYOPS) is an independent non-governmental organization formed by courageous and visionary youths from around the world to establish peace and sustainable practices throughout the world.

The organization was formed in the year 2020 by youths across the globe on the notion of attaining sustainable development goals (SDGs) similar to that of the United Nations, and Beyond.

It is registered as an independent international NGO (non-governmental organization). Members of the IYOPS ensure to follow and innovate to find more solutions to the pressing problems of our age as they leave exemplary footprints across the globe.

The IYOPS also aims at providing the current and upcoming youngsters from around the world the platform to involve themselves in solving matters affecting the world. This initiative gives youths who are silenced to voice their deep discontent, a means by which they can be heard, while initiatives and ideas of these youths can be actualized as a reality.


The world is evolving and so is mankind, the youths of the world are the ones who understand the current and future needs, and the International Youth Organization for Peace and Sustainability has made its stand to be a fearless proponent of the voiceless against any form of injustice. 

Tireless pursuit towards building generations of youth with integrity and making the world a happier, cleaner, and healthier place to live in.

A peaceful and sustainable world, for All.

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Contact us: +1 646-620-9582 (USA) / +91 70107 56530 (India)


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