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Poverty and How to Tackle It

Updated: May 25, 2022

An old woman counting coins.
(Riya Kumari/Pexels)

Today's case is on the phenomenon of poverty, which is affecting the world and human life at large.

But first, what is poverty? Poverty is the lack of basic means that provide a person with a decent life: including food, water, clothing, and adequate housing. If a person is unable to meet their basic needs, then they fall under this category.

Why poverty when we live on a planet where there are many riches to provide a good life for humans?

There are several reasons for this, including but not limited to the lack of capabilities that exist in the country to extract the resources that it has, the lack of productive minds, wars between nations, and the lack of working hands.

On the other hand, there is Japan. Despite its scarcity of resources, it is a productive country.

Poverty also causes wars - both internal and external. The lack of resources results in very few minds to possess professional skills. The spread of diseases, the lack of hospitals, and the lack of doctors are also a by-product of poverty.

Most of the countries with a high poverty rate lack the education that will save them from everything. Unemployment, crimes, and many other issues of poverty are interlinked. It is a related relationship, all influencing one another.

If you go to google, you will find lots of research and solutions provided to eradicate poverty. Many organizations are trying to end this crisis, but there seems to be something missing still.

The main issue from which several other small issues branch out must be addressed first.

If the main crisis is not resolved, many smaller problems will appear, and over time they will become bigger problems that will be harder to solve.

Much has been written, and also many solutions have been proposed by various organizations and governments, but has the crisis been resolved? You know the answer.

So, what's the solution?

Get rid of the thieves that rule you, who steal your resources, and tell that you are poor. Get rid of that external force that controls your wealth and resources and steals the dreams of your children.

Everyone deceives you and pretends to offer you a hand while they aren't. Whoever robbed you, do they see the smile that this little girl carried? Doesn't she have the right to live a better life like the children of the robbers?

Do you see all those resources and wealth with those who rule us? So search with me for thieves, my friend. Is he a thief from the inside, a thief from my countrymen, or a thief from outside? Find the thief who steals the smile from that little girl.

Everyone deserves a better life, a fair life. Everyone deserves an education, care, health, food, clothing, and housing. Do not let anyone stop you from claiming that.

After you read this, nothing will change either. Nothing will change until you start to change yourself first and stop being a negative person in life.

You must start and change this reality that you find yourselves in for the sake of the ones you love and for the sake of a better future for everyone like the little girl who smiles and does not know how much pain awaits her in this world.

Join us. To change a little of this negative reality to create a better future. Let us begin by changing ourselves first, and then the world!

Rutger Bregman, a Dutch historian, and author, talks about how a guaranteed basic income can unleash unimaginable levels of energy and talent from people in this TED talk - Poverty isn't a lack of character; it's a lack of cash.


Osama Sayed is one of the founding members and the National Leader for the International Youth Organization for Peace and Sustainability in Egypt.

Inputs and Edits by Aswin Raghav R.


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